Plum Jam Recipe


So here’s the recipe for plum jam.   Easiest jam I’ve tried, and as the plums are high in pectin needs no special sugar or anything.  I even managed to make it without burning the pan.  Scale recipe up or down as required – I find it easier to manage smaller quantities as I don’t have a proper jam pan. I sometimes add ground ginger and/or an apple.

Amounts below make 2.25kg. (5-6 jars depending on size)

1.5kg plums – washed, halved and stoned

300ml water

1.5kg sugar, warmed

Place water and fruit in a pan and simmer till tender.

Add sugar (warm for a minute or 2 in microwave first) and stir in until dissolved.

Boil for 15-20 mins until setting point is reached.

You can test for setting point by putting a small amount of the jam onto a cold saucer – after a few moments it should wrinkle slightly when pressed with your finger. You can use a jam thermometer if you prefer but personally I’ve never had much luck with these.

Once setting point has been reached , skim off any surface scum and pour carefully into warm sterilised jars and seal whilst hot.


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