Rhubarb wine

The rhubarb is growing so fiercely I needed to find something else to make with it other than desserts.  After my initial foray into wine making with elderflower champagne last year I thought I’d try it with rhubarb this year.  There are many recipes out there – this time I have tried one from The Guardian yielded by a quick online search. Some of the additional ingredients were quite pricey so have found another one using tea instead of grape concentrate which I may give a go next time. Will attempt to add the web links to this page.


Anyway, so far so good – it is fermenting away almost ready to syphon into another bottle . Looked rather alarmingly brown when I added the yeast but it’s starting to look a little pinker already – and still at early stages.Image


2 thoughts on “Rhubarb wine

  1. My husband and I are getting back into making wine – its been about 5yrs since we last made some. He wanted strawberry-rhubarb to be our first ‘flavor’. I’ve never even heard of rhubarb in wine so I’m anxious to read how yours turns out!!


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